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Consumer version
OAuth protocol version
OAuth 1.0a
Martin Urbanec
WikiImporter is a tool that lets new wiki importers to easily import new wikis from Incubator. The tool needs to import pages as well as force create users to get rid of interwiki prefix in history of imported pages (action=import needs the user to exist to assign the local user rather than an interwiki prefixed one).
Applicable project
All projects on this site
OAuth "callback URL"
Allow consumer to specify a callback in requests and use "callback" URL above as a required prefix.
Applicable grants
  • Perform high volume activity
High-volume editing
  • Perform administrative actions
Import revisions
  • Interact with pages
Edit existing pages; Edit protected pages; Create, edit, and move pages
  • Miscellaneous activity
Forcibly create a local account for a global account